Miracle Lip Plumping Polish & Treatment

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Miracle Lip Plumping Polish & Treatment
Miracle Lip Plumping Polish & Treatment

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Dry, chapped, and cracked lips bothering you? Looking to lighten dark lips? Or simply want a smoother canvas to apply your lipsticks and lip balms? The Miracle Lip Treatment is our luxury exfoliating lip scrub and mask, and first ever lip plumping and brightening scrub on the market! This intense lip treatment will exfoliate dead skin from lips, soothe, and intensively plump and hydrate the lips. Made with Shea Butter, Cinnamon, Anise, Ginger, and Vitamin E this treatment will help plump, brighten, and renew the lips.This is an intense treatment and should only be used 2-3 a week. 

INGREDIENTS: (Cane Sugar), (Unrefined Shea Butter), (Unrefined Mango Butter), (Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil, (Meadowfoam Seed) Oil, (Organic Bulgarian Lavender)Flower Oil,  (Rosehips) Seed Oil, (Organic Borage) Seed Oil, (OrganicEvening Primrose) Oil, (Vitamin E), (Sunflower) Seed Oil, (Neroli) Oil, (Lingonberry) Extract,  (Cinnamon) Leaf Essential Oil,  (Anise) Oil, (Ginger Root) Oil, (Lemon) Peel Oil, (Helichrysum) Oil, (Sweet Basil) Oil.

HOW TO USE: Wet your lips, then use your finger to grab a small amount and gently scrub lips in a circular motion for 15-20seconds, and leave on for a full minute then rinse. This is an intense lip treatment so a little goes a long way. Expect to feel a mild to intense tingling which is due to the natural lip stimulating and plumping essential oils the help to increase blood flow and circulation to the lips. The tingling sensation will end after 10 minutes to reveal smoother full lips. This treatment should only be used 2-3 a week. 

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