Miracle Detox Pearls

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Miracle Detox Pearls
Miracle Detox Pearls


The Miracle Pearl, also known as the vaginal pearl is a unique holistic herbal treatment for various uterine and vaginal ailments. It is made with medicinal plants that aid in womb healing. It is an organic alternative to your chemical vaginal suppositories. Each set/detox comes with 3 Miracle Pearls. 

Can be used for Infertility, Irregular Periods, Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginitis, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian cysts and so much more.

**Depending on your ailment you will need more than 1 set of detox please refer to our FAQ page**

1. Wash your hands thoroughly for about 20-30 seconds with anti-bacterial soap and warm water

2. (Gloves are optional) Use your finger and slowly unravel the string from the Miracle Pearl until the string is stretched to its maximum length.

3. Use your finger to insert the Miracle Pearl deep into the vagina, get as close to your cervix as possible. DO NOT try to push it into your cervix! (SKIP to step 5 if you are not using an applicator stick)

4. If you are using the applicator, remove the end of the applicator stick because you can't use it. Then simply insert the pearl through the top of the applicator ensuring the string comes out from the opposite end, while the head of the pearl sits on top of the applicator. Then insert into the vagina, as close to the cervix, and remove the applicator.

5. Ensure the tail end of the Miracle Pearl is sticking out from your vaginal opening (like a tampon) so you can easily remove it when needed.

6. Leave one Miracle Pearl in at a time for 48 hours, then remove. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the the other two pearls,  (1 pearl for 48 hours). Allow the vagina to expel toxins and waste, so we recommend wearing a pantyliner during your entire detox.

7. Remember this is a detox so the process lasts a total of 7-8 days (6 days for pearl detox and additional 1-2 days for toxin removal, so no sexual intercourse during this time.
**Please follow up with the Miracle Intimate Herbal Cleanser for freshness and added benefits**
Once the pearls are inserted deep into the vagina, the medicinal herbs are gradually absorbed into the body through the vaginal walls. These herbs begin to work their "magic" by absorbing any toxins in the womb (uterus) and vagina. As a result it causes shedding and removal of any elements that may be detrimental to your health.
**PLEASE REFER TO OUR FAQ page for information**



Cnidium monnierri:  Treats bacterial infections, fights yeast infection, increases fertility, increases sexual libido, and clears up skin.

Stemona sessilifolia: Kills parasites.

Kochia fructus: Antifungal, promotes urination, relieves itchiness, and contains fatty acids.

Motherwort: Removes toxins, aids in blood flow, reduces hot flashes and menstrual cramps, improves vaginal elasticity.

Rhizoma smilacis: Toxin removal, anti-inflammatory, promotes blood flow, kills tumor cells, and improves immune system.

Angelica: Reduces vaginal dryness, increases sexual libido, tonic, and regulates menstration.

Borneol: Anti-bacterial, reduces pain, swelling, and hot flashes.

Ligusticum wallichii: Anti-fungal, reduces excessive mucus/discharge, aids in blood flow, reduces menstrual cramps, and helps with irregular periods.

CAUTION: Do not use if your are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use during your menses (period). Do not use during sexual intercourse. Do not use if you are hymen is in tact (virgin). Keep out of reach of children.


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